A movement built from the ground up

In which everyone can win
  • What drives us?
  • At Afterpay, our values fuel our culture. They shape our strategy, vision and mission — it’s how we stay passionate about our purpose.

Our strategic pillars help us deliver on our vision and mission.

  • Brand

    It’s not pay in four, or BNPL,
    it’s Afterpay.

    We are the verb and our own category.

    New visual identity to enhance alignment with our global customer base and differentiation.

  • Grow

    Expand globally to deepen retailer partnerships.

    Increased focus on SMB acceptance in newer markets.

    Utilise brand and innovation to drive customer acceptance and retention. 

  • Innovate

    Drive greater ecosystem value to customers and merchants. 

    Customer-led differentiation via platform enhancements.

    Merchant insights, tools and value-added outcomes.

  • Perform

    Maintain focus in every aspect of our performance.

    Accelerate investment in the global addressable market opportunity.

  • Do the right thing

    Maintain focus on our people, protecting the business, caring for customers and good corporate governance.

Our values support the way we work to get things done.

  • Keep it real.

    We are genuine and have no time for BS.
    We feel able and proud to bring our authentic self to work every day.
    We are clear and sincere in our words and back them up with action.

  • Be brave.

    We back intuition and celebrate curiosity. That’s how we innovate.
    We approach our work with courage, tenacity and a healthy dose of grit.
    We finish what we start and commit as one team.

  • Do the right thing.

    We look for the win/win on behalf of every stakeholder.
    We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.
    We act with honesty, humility and transparency.

  • Shape the future.

    We are perpetually excited about the opportunities ahead of us.
    We make thoughtful decisions quickly and execute them with intensity and quality.

Our Commitment

We partner with organisations supporting the vulnerable groups in our communities.

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