Our partnership with Good on you

10 Dec 2020

Good on You is a pioneering ratings platform which connects conscious shoppers to better brands through empowering consumers to know their impact.

Good On You uses expert analysis and proprietary technology to give each fashion brand an easy-to-understand score based on ethical and sustainable criteria.

In October 2020, Afterpay announced a partnership with Good On You which allows 50 Afterpay merchants to be rated by Good On You each month. One of Afterpay’s core values is Do The Right Thing, and through this partnership we are empowering our customers to make informed choices about fashion. Afterpay’s Shop Directory, which sends around 14.5 million referrals to retailers every month, also has a Shop Sustainably category that will be powered by Good On You.

More than ever, Australians are seeking information on brands’ sustainability and ethical practices, and in turn are becoming more conscious about those they support and purchase from. In particular, Gen Z care about sustainability and are concerned about a brand’s transparency, and they want to see the brands they follow embrace these same beliefs, as revealed in the Afterpay Gen Z Global Report: Financial Feels.


More than 700,00 consumers browse Good On You every month, and the new partnership will allow Australian shoppers to buy from sustainable and ethical brands and pay it off in four instalments, so they can feel good about both their purchases and finances.