We believe in a world that delivers fairness and financial freedom for all

  • Our mission is to power an economy where everyone wins

    Our people are focused and committed to do the right thing – It underpins everything we do. It’s the reason we exist. 

    Afterpay is a fast paced and dynamic organisation that knows diversity of thought and an inclusive culture are at the heart of innovation.

    Building a diverse and inclusive culture is not only the right thing to do but it also makes business sense. Diversity means bringing different insights and perspectives to help drive sustainable growth.

    As we grow and mature, how we contribute to society is extremely important. We take our responsibilities seriously, and demonstrate this through community partnerships, our people programs, and our corporate governance. 

Our partnerships are long-term initiatives, ensuring our impact is meaningful and measurable.
  • Thread Together

    Thread Together was founded in 2012, based on the simple idea to donate rather than dispose of unsold clothing. Thread Together solve two problems with one solution by saving clothing from landfill and provide it to people in need through four different ways online, mobile wardrobes, clothing hubs and inbuilt wardrobes in crisis accommodation.

    Today, Thread Together clothes thousands of people across the country every week. To achieve this, Thread Together partner with hundreds of fashion brands, a network of charities & social service agencies, and thousands of volunteers. Thread Together are unique in that we keep clothing in circulation, and we are recognised by the Fashion Industry as the most ethical solution to fashion excess.

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  • Global Sisters

    Global Sisters believes in a world where every woman has the opportunity to create her own economic future. Global Sisters supports women, who are excluded from economic participation, to create new jobs via micro business. Our purpose is to empower each woman to unlock her potential, overcome barriers and create meaningful employment.

    Global Sisters makes business a genuine possibility, supporting women to develop their business through a roadmap of modular, long-term business support. Global Sisters provides business tools, such as an online sales platform (the Marketplace) and microfinance, and programs including business education and expert coaching and pro bono projects.

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  • Patch

    Patch is an API-first carbon removal marketplace that enables companies to seamlessly purchase as little as a gram of carbon removal from individual projects. Patch aims to create a future where every commerce transaction can have its unavoidable emissions automatically neutralized.

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  • Dress for Success

    Dress for Success aims to provide women with the support and the tools they need to gain employment and financial independence so they can provide for their families and make a positive contribution. Our Vision is every woman succeeding: All women have an equal opportunity to gain employment, be strong role models and contribute to thriving communities.

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